About Passionate Project Management & Excellence

I have been doing this a very long time, no this doesn’t make me either old or jaded. Sometimes I might feel a bit of both, those days when I fail to make it out the door for lunch or forget to call home, yes I might feel a bit of both. This though just validates I still feel passion for the work.

What is it about project management that keeps me coming back for more? What is it that keeps any of us wanting to pick up the next project, shake out the next set of unstructured and unreasonable requirements and deliver back a bright and shiny new thing, something no one else thought could be done, not with ‘that budget’ or in ‘that timeline’ or with ‘those resources’. What exactly is it about this particular work that makes it so intriguing and ultimately so rewarding.

My family would tell you I have a streak of masochism in me. I don’t think this is true though, but who knows me better than them; perhaps they are partially correct.

I like to think I am a pragmatic realist and this work suits my temperament. I enjoy puzzles and there is nothing more puzzling than project management, well short of astrophysics and I am certainly not suited for that highly specialized field. I love, yes that is the right word, I love combining people to create teams working toward common goals. I love creating structure out of chaos, but more important I love the fact that projects retain a certain managed chaos throughout their life-cycle, that feel of always being right on the brink, right on the edge.

Mostly though projects are temporary, done properly and with passionate focus they end and end very well. They are delivered to the ‘customer’ and they smile and thank you for your late nights and hard work. You move on to the next project something new and bright and shiny!

This is about my experiences as a program and project manager. It is about how to deliver projects in my opinion. It will contain White Papers, Intellectual Capital that I have developed over the years and war stories.

This is about nearly twenty years of project delivery in the field, working with customers and consulting firms; the good, the bad, the ugly and the raucous fun.

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