Project Management Excellence – Found Passion

If you are here out of curiosity, or through a search engine with terms such as:

  • Project Management
  • Project Manager
  • Project Management Office

You are likely thinking to yourself, what does she think she has to offer me that I don’t already know. Maybe nothing, however maybe more than you knew when you arrived. I have been in this business and doing this work for a very long time, it seems like a lifetime;

Twenty-years to be precise.

Much of what I learned was on the job, when the work and profession were both in their infancy. Over  those years I have been involved in many projects, some large some small. Some of my projects have been wonderfully successful, thanks in large part to the wonderful teams I worked with. Others have been wild rides that deserve entire books written, or at least chapters titled “What not to Do”.

No matter the project, the client, or even the end result I have always come away with very real lessons learned and a passion to improve not just my own performance but for the profession as well.

Another part of my career I have been very fortunate to be involved in has been the design and development of early methodologies and Project tools. This process allowed me to learn how to think about the process not only from the position of what I wanted and needed ‘right now’ as a project manager but how others would use tools, from a team member to the project manager. This process provided great perspective and enabled me to think in much broader terms about how members interacted.

  • So, to answer your question ‘What do I think I can offer?”
  • Twenty years of experience in the field.
  • A pragmatic view of the profession.
  • A sense of humor about most of the lessons learned.
  • Some advice about a variety of different components of the Project Management Life-cycle you might not find elsewhere.

Periodically as part of the actual post I will provide actual tools or templates, these are mine I provide them for your use.

Settle in. Participate and chat. Let me know what you think.



(c) Linda Valentine-Dean 2012
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